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How to Demolish a House

The existing house might be poorly designed or positioned, too small for the size and value

of the land it stands on, or simply beyond economic repair or improvement — its fate sealed

by the fact that a new dwelling benefits from 0% VAT whilst renovation and extension work

is usually rated at 20%.

Some main considerations you should take care when you decide to demolish a house

  • Cost

  • Environment

  • Existing structures

  • Demolition steps

  • Planning

  • Neighbours

The following order of works is typical for demolishing

a house

Cut off and cap all services such as main water and sewer connection, electricity, gas and telephone

Erect site fencing and protect the site; erect scaffold if required

Hazardous material (i.e. asbestos) removed under licence or by specialists if necessary

Soft strip all loose items, kitchen, sanitary ware, and remove all cabling, lighting, plumbing, radiators etc.

Remove all doors, windows frames, linings, internal/external timber mouldings etc.

Strip roof and lead flashingsRemove structural timbers, joists and trusses

Demolish walls, salvaging bricks for example. Unwanted materials can be removed for crushing

Break up remainder and grub up foundations and redundant drains


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